The story of Ntokozo Msiza

Like any other story, we couldn't cover everything in the video, so here's some points to add on the video interview

1. She studied at the University of Johannesburg and currently holds a degree in PR and communications.

2. She's social butterfly but also deals with phases of low confidence.

3. Her hidden talent from the world is her voice - my word this woman can sing.

4. She was brought up right and had a loving supporting family.

5. She considers her mother to be her biggest role model.

6. Her mom passed on in early 2017 - May she rest in peace.

7. The passing of her mom was the toughest phase of her life. She had to start accepting a world where she didn't have her best friend to support her.

8. At the time of losing her mother, she was working at South Point. She made the brave decision to quit her job because she realised that she needed to slow down her reality. She needed time to heal and go through the pain of loss.

9. After quitting her job, she moved back home to reconnect with family and begin her healing process.

10. As the days went by and she had to accept the thing she could not change, she found her strength and courage to start over with her life. I don't mean start over everything but start over with a different mindset and a rejuvenated spirit.

11. She then soon started a business and also decided to pursue another degree. She's currently doing her 2nd year studying marketing and the business is growing.

12. Her till today remains a driving a force in the decisions that she makes. She carries her mom in her heart everyday.

13. her story summed up to date is that, you must be willing to accept the things you cannot change. Don't hide it to yourself if you are not okay and actually take time to deal with your pain. Owning your pain takes courage.


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