The story of Boitumelo Lejage

The story of Boitumelo Lejage is quite moving. We couldn't cover everything in the video but here are some highlights from his story.

1. He says he stayed at Wits university Longer than he should.

2. He tries not to live a life of regret.

3. He believes in the hand of God. He believes that God is at the centre of his life. Nothing is above his faith and relationship with God.

4. He graduated with an Accounting degree from Wits University but his first job was working in a call centre.

5. He met the humbling hand of life, childhood dreams versus what you can call an "unpredictable reality"

6. He pushed through the call centre and kept his head down.

7. He gave his best while working as call centre agent because he understood that, it was a job and he had to do it right.

8. He got out not by chance, but by being at the right place at the right time.

9. Tumi now works as an Accountant at Compass Insure. He got it in because he struck a conversation with someone, not realising how far the conversation would go.

10. So he spoke to one person who he knew from church, that person spoke to someone she knew might be looking for recruits.

11. He got called in for an interview and it bombed.

12. He got called in for a different interview and it bombed.

13. He got called in for another interview and it bombed, but they said, you look like you're hungry (and no, not in the literal sense) and we like your character.

14. Fast forward the conversation, they created a position for him because the company saw not only the hunger but the potential.

15. He now works as a permanent employee at Compass Insure.

16. His story is simply showing up everyday, being persistent and having something to believe in

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