Responding to the President

In case you missed headline this weekend, Cyril Matamela Ramaphosa was sworn in as the 6th President of a democratic and free South Africa. The inauguration was attended by various heads of states in the African continent stretching to leaders from different parts of the world.

Cyril Matamela Ramaphosa stood in front of a crowd estimated to be over 32 000 and took his oath of office. The jubilant chants as he entered the stadium clearly demonstrated that he has amassed the love of the people. The ceremony took place at Loftus Versveld stadium in Pretoria.

In a move to demonstrate that he is conscious of the country’s current economic position. The president opted to have a more cost efficient ceremony but that is still fitting for him to be declared as the 1st citizen of the republic. The ceremony was both strategic and tactical to say the least.

Now as we all have come to understand is that all leaders have the gift of speech and use it to unite people with their clever word play. No speech on the day could have been more clever, passionate and eloquently as delivered as the presidents 1st address to the republic of South Africa.

The address given by Cyril Ramaphosa to the people of South Africa has been dubbed as a new dawn for our great nation. The president had a lot of key points in his address and I’m going to take a shot at responding to his presidential speech.

The president began by acknowledging the challenges that our nation is wrestling but also said he is alive because of the strides that have been taken to resolve said challenges in creating a better life for all South Africans.

The president mentioned that the people of the South Africa are filled with hope for a better tomorrow. I personally think South African’s have been hoping for 25 years and the government does not have much to show for the hope. I think 25 years in and South Africa might remain more hopeful in the coming years if intentional leadership is not displayed. Mr President, our people don’t need any more hope. They need strategy and affirmative plans of action on how the country’s challenges will be resolved. Hope Mr president hardly has great return on effort.

Simply said, our country needs leaders who are passionate, compassionate and are willing to serve the people of this great nation. Leaders who will not compromise on corruption and greed.

An interesting point from the president was the notion that our people have known seasons of plenty and times of scarcity. In as much as I agree with his point, one must look at the word plenty and scarcity far more closely. Other than people who have been described as better blacks by Steve Biko, who exactly has experienced seasons of plenty and times of scarcity?

The president’s speech went to mention the shackles of oppression and how our people were liberated from oppression. Yes, physical oppression was dealt with but mental and financial oppression to continue to be a blizzard to the majority people of our nation. I hope Mr President that these shackles with be handled with the same intention which was demonstrated in liberating our country.

The president highlighted that our country’s resources have been squandered and as a result the country is feeling the impalement of said squandered resources. Mr President, what are you going to do about that?

In his speech the president raised challenges that the county faces but also made a very huge declaration by saying, our problems are not insurmountable and that they will be solved. This is a huge declaration that may leave you feeling inclined to say that you have heard such declarations before.

Mr President, I hope that the solutions to surmount our country’s problems will involve listening to the youth who have a desire to create a better South Africa for all. I hope that the temptation of power will not lead you nor your cabinet to forsake the people of South Africa.

In wrapping my review of the president’s 1st address, my most noteworthy point was the presidents insert on ending men’s dominion over women and affording equal opportunity.

Does this finally mean we will see more women in positions of leadership, power and influence?

That the sex will no longer be a barrier to growth and development of women everywhere in the country.

I for one was moved by the president’s speech. I wish him, the cabinet of ministers, and all elected parliamentarians the best in moving our great nation forward. There is much to do and as the 1st citizen of the republic, Cyril Ramaphosa said the road ahead will be difficult and hard.

Nkosi sikelela iAfrica.

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