Put some respect on it

There’s so many we things we need to do as people on an ordinary day. Firstly we try our hardest to get out of bed without crying for a few more minutes of sleep. We can all agree that sleep is in the top 5 things to do on a daily routine. We all cling to sleep because what’s better than sleeping whilst getting paid for it. Unfortunately that’s not how it works, life is all about waking up and making something of the day.

Now out of the top 5 things that we need to do daily comes respect. Respecting our life, jobs and people around us. Respect is often overlooked or maybe should I say less thought of as a skill but more of a human quality that supposedly everyone must have as a bare minimum.

Why should you look at respect as a skill rather than a human quality?

To answer this question I first need you to think about your life. I need you to think about your accomplishments and also not forgetting some of your failures in life. Okay, now that you have taken a second to think about things, let’s answer the question.

Respect should be looked at as a skill because of the pattern that it can build for your life. It is quite clear that to be successful in life, you must have a certain pattern that allows for you to reach the goals and ambitions you have set out for your life.

This above pattern starts with respect. Respect is a skill that builds discipline. Discipline builds excellence which also influences character. Excellence leads to growth.

Growth, then sets you up to ask the question, what is your next?

Nothing that is worth achieving and fighting for can be attained if you lack self-respect. The very idea of being a successful individual rests on how much you respect your ambitions. Respecting your goals/ambitions then sets up the amount work and effort you need. This will serve as your base when building your discipline. The discipline will be guided by the amount of work or effort that is needed from you.

The discipline as it grows will start shaping your life and expose you to the right places; the places that you need to see. As the discipline evolves it will teach you about sacrifices and how best to make those sacrifices in order for you to obtain your goals.

There is saying that’s goes as follows “Do what you love and do it well” – This quote is the base for excellence.

The excellence that you are working hard to achieve and will achieve because of your discipline. I hope by now you understand that these two are linked and are inseparable.

Excellence is not a destination. It is state of mind that constantly needs your attention. It needs you to recognize your daily output (energy and time) as person in order to keep this state of mind intact. Excellence is not a destination where upon arrival you will be recognized for all the hard work you have put in. Excellence is in a moment of time where you get a small window to celebrate your achievements before moving onto the next great challenge of your growth.

“In order for us to grow means we must all remain children at heart” – K.S Msane

Growth is our purpose and our purpose is fueled by our passions. Even so, growth is nothing without respect or rather growth cannot possibly exist if you lack respect for your life. We must recognize that growth in this context does not come as result of our biology. Growth is linked to our ability to work for what we want in life and to do so while pouring every little bit of our talent that we possess.

Growth is the real achievement of respect. Everything else that comes as a result of respect is a bonus. The true destination that we must be mindful of is the grave. Only the grave can stop our physical growth. Our respect for what we do will ensure that our lessons are passed onto generations after us.

So put some respect on it.

Growth – “respect, discipline and excellence”


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