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Updated: May 5, 2019

As they say, it’s never too late to start over or dream a new dream. Certainly in our case we are starting over with refined purpose, passion and new plan to achieve our goals. Now before we tell you about our goals, let us start by sharing more context as to what is Lets Fork It Out.

Lets fork it out (strange name for a blog, we know but we will explain later the origins of the name) is a sharing and acquiring knowledge platform. Our goal is very simple, we want to promote a more self-aware community in order to start shifting the conversation. By conversation we mean building or working towards a world that full of passionate people. We need more passionate people to step up to their purpose in life.

We aim to do this by having conversations or telling stories that have real impact and give people insights as to how we can all become a better version of ourselves. We’ll be sharing weekly content in form of a video, blog post or impromptu motivation when the spirits start knocking in our hearts or heads.

We want to create conversations that will have a long lasting impression in our hearts. We understand that to do this we must collaborate with other like minded people who have a flair for making noise when it comes to fulfilling purpose and doing their best in making a difference.

So there have you it in a nutshell, and if you are like minded person as mentioned above then we would like to invite you to reach out to us. People are often surprised by what talking to another person with different perspective does for their own life, we want to be that other person. We want to learn from you while we light your candle as well.

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