If you can touch it, then you can catch it

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In my past life, I enjoyed playing rugby, and I was quite good at it. I had a genuine love for the game, but at the same time, I had fears of being injured. I attended a high school in the north of Kwa-Zulu-Natal, where rugby is a sacred tradition of the school. Rugby players were the darlings of the school. Like any other sport, we had to train and prepare ourselves for games that we weren't even going to play for at least the next 2 to 3 months. I think this was the first time I subconsciously encountered the practice of always being prepared and training as if I was going to play a game the next day.

We had a coach by the name of Mr. Wilkinson. He was as tough as they came; disciplined and focused. He was always pushing the team harder than we thought we could be driven. He was convinced that to be the best, we had to train harder than any other side. We had to believe in our raw talent, and most importantly, we had to earn the right to be called the best.

During our practice sessions, we had a training drill that is called the line out practice. Now during our line out exercises, Mr. Wilkinson would stand next to my teammates and then activate the play. Now two things need to happen; one player needs to throw the ball into the field, and another player has to catch the ball. Now in most cases, the second player is meant to catch the ball, but sometimes the ball would soar a bit higher than intended. So sometimes, in our practice sessions, the second player would manage to touch the ball but not catch it. Mr. Wilkinson then asked my teammate, "Why didn't you catch the ball?"

My teammate responded by saying, "ah sir; I just managed to touch it," to which Mr. Wilkinson responded, "If you can touch it, then you can catch it." As I type this article, it hits me hard how that statement now plays a crucial role in my pursuit of purpose and growth. I have lost opportunities because I didn't jump high enough to catch them. I missed opportunities because I was not ready when chances showed up. I believe what Mr.Wilkinson is saying that if we set our minds on reaching a goal, then we can do so. However, if we don't have the eyesight of the target, then we might not be able to catch it.

There is one other thing you must know; my teammate didn't jump alone. He had two other teammates who helped him to jump and held him in the air while he attempted to catch the ball.

You cannot catch the ball alone. It would help if you had people who will support you while you are at the top and people who will assist you when you come back to touch the ground.

If you can touch it, then you can catch it.

Edited by: Kanyisa Kabane


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