Do not fear the darkness

“Yes, your transformation will be hard. Yes, you will feel frightened, messed up and knocked down. Yes, you’ll want to stop. Yes, it’s the best work you’ll ever do.” Robin Sharma

Do not fear the darkness; the light is coming towards you.

Learning to think in the dark is probably one of the hardest challenges you face in life. Darkness for the context of this article is the challenge we all face when we begin to question a lot of things.

Darkness is when you seem to be failing everything or where you find yourself confused or feeling lost and isolated.

Darkness is when you confuse severe unhappiness for depression. Darkness is where you ridicule everything that is going horribly in your life. You ridicule everything and everyone except yourself.

There will come a time where the darkness will be such a strong force that you will blame evil forces (seriously) for your actions.

Do not be afraid of the darkness for it will be your saviour.

When a seed is planted into the ground, it is surrounded by darkness. It does not know nor understand why everything around is just so dark. Naturally, the seed would be scared and confused.

In case you haven't realised, you, the reader are the seed. Let's unpack what happens to the seed when it is placed in the dark.

The seed goes through a journey that is messy in the beginning, confusing in the middle, and beautiful in the end.

When a seed is planted into the ground and surrounded by darkness, it needs to be nourished by water. The water is the beginning of the seed's transformation. To put context to this paragraph, water is your happiness, sanity, peace, self-love, failures, ambition, discipline, and loving your skin. This casually summed is referred to as your wealth.

When you are surrounded by darkness, chances are, you are still figuring out your wealth. You are battling the biggest demon known to man, self-doubt.

Self-doubt is more dangerous than a drought. A drought in most cases is seasonal but self-doubt has the potential to create permanent droughts in our conscious and subconscious minds.

Do not fear the darkness as the seed because your transformation depends on it.

The transformation takes place at your own pace and without the feeling pressure of taking a cute selfie for Instagram as you go through your metamorphosis.

The transformation for the seed is confusing in the middle because the seed begins to grow its roots, the source of its power once fully transformed. The seed went from being nourished with water daily to seeing tentacles that confuse the seed.

The seed even though surrounded by darkness has managed to grow.

Growing in the darkness is scary because we think no one is there to support us. Ask yourself this question, who has been pouring water over your seed?

The journey of the seed finally becomes beautiful when the transformation is complete. The seed is grazed by fresh air, purified by the water, and touched by the warm light.

The seed is finally standing in the light. The seed has roots, a stem, and leaves. The transformation is complete.

The seed remains in the dark but the leaves stand in the light. The darkness is no longer a confusion for the seed. The darkness is now the power of the seed.

The power comes from where the roots are buried.

Do not be afraid of the darkness and trust the process.

You spent 9 months in the dark. The incubation process is long and will be difficult.

Know this as we summarise this thought, nothing is more profound than knowing the dark edges of your being.


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