Order number 572

So the other day while I was waiting for my food order, I had a thought creep into my mind. The thought made me realise something about our ambitions and the cost that we incur in order to achieve our goals.

Ordering food is quite simple. The need is prompted by your body telling you that it’ time to eat. So naturally you will do something to fill that void. The money that you spend is justified upon tasting your food. Now, I wonder what it would be like if we had to pay for our ambitions and receive an order number.

The ambitions would be served according to the sequential order of the placement. The person who placed their order first would be the first person to receive their meal. People would form long lines to go and purchase their ambitions after having tasted from the first person. Ambition is delicious and it tastes even better when it’s cooked just right; balanced with a side of systematic oppression.

This however would be a bottleneck system that would teach people to stand in a queue just to order success. The whole idea of success is that we must be given the resources to create our own using ingredients that are just right for you. In as much as this would be a disaster of a system, I somehow think that’s how some people are currently living.

No one likes queues but we find ourselves standing in these frustrating lines waiting to move forward. The very idea of queues is absurd given the technological advancements, but sadly it is our reality. Now going back to my point that people are currently standing in line waiting to get their order for success. We can’t entirely be blamed because we were taught based on linear progression in life. So it’s not surprising that we’re queueing waiting to take the next small step forward.

Our dreams have order numbers because we are afraid to stand out of the line and go make the order ourselves. Generational propaganda and fear of security have made us fearful of standing out. Sure there are people that have the courage to prepare their own dreams, but we need to encourage each other to stand out.

Yes, there is the cliché saying that goes “Why fit in when you were born to stand out”. The simple answer to that notion is that most people were taught to work hard but only by using fear as the primary driver of success; so it’s not shocking that a lot people end up standing in queues when their destiny was never to be in one.

To be clear, no one is meant to stand in a queue. We are all born with an aspirational nature and sense to make our life either amazing or completely unbearable. The choice lies with us, do we entrust someone else to prepare our ambitions or do we find the courage to prepare them ourselves?

You may not have the answer now but I would implore you to think about it.

Your dreams are valid and they are hard work and believing yourself just a bit more than usual.

Look to yourself to prepare your ambitions and do not be anxious about when will your order come out. Don’t be concerned about what ingredients other people are using. Be concerned about learning from other people if you are yet to develop the skill of cooking ambition.

In the end it won’t matter what ingredients you used, it will only matter that you were brave enough to cook your ambitions. You would have done so by trusting and believing in yourself, but most importantly, you did so by allowing yourself to learn from other people.

Stop being comfortable, step out of the line and cook your own ambitions.

I had a kfc streetwise 3 chips in case you were thinking about the food. My order number was 572

Edited by: Kanyisa Kabane


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