Are you in a position to flourish?

What's your position?

Now I have dabbled in several sports growing up as a child. None could compare to my love for rugby. This sport called out to me and of course, looked like a manly sport, so I followed my heart.

Rugby is a physical sport and requires practiced endurance. The game is every bit of exciting and thrilling, but it needs focus.

The general rule of practicing is that you must practice as if you are playing an actual game. My rugby coach used to say; what you do in practice, is what you will do in the real game.

The next fundamental principle of rugby is about holding your position.

The game is designed to be played by 15 men. The players have two important principles to remember. The first one is to hold your position, and the second one is to trust your teammates.

Holding your position in the game ensures that everyone works as a team. It creates shared accountability for how the players work as a team. The objective of rugby is to keep moving forward. The only way for the team to maximize the chances of winning is to keep moving forward and get over the try line.

Now that we have context about the basics of rugby and the two fundamental principles, let's get this morning started.

Have you ever considered the position that you need to hold to find your greatness?

Have you thought about the current position in your life?

Have you thought about the position you need to flourish?

"Talk spirit" (say it in your head or out loud)

Have you considered the position you need to play?!

You are in a game.

You are the key player in this game.

You have to be intentional about playing the game. You have to be obsessed. You have to be motivated. You need the discipline to win the game.

You need to find your position and play it. Now finding your position can be tricky. You know you have talent but you don't know how to use it. You have passion but you don't know how to get started.

Every great athlete in this world, dead or alive, started by just doing something. If you want to find your position you will need to do something and not just stand there.

To find your position, you will need to get uncomfortable.

"Talk spirit" (say it out loud or in your head)

To find your position you need cut out the following;

1. Laziness

2. Gossip

3. Self-doubt

4. Meaningless conversations

5. Complaining

6. Pride

7. Envy

8. Greed

9. Ego (Kill it)

10. If only


You will need to position yourself for the following;

1. Sacrifice

2. Hard work

3. Creating strategies

4. Building habits

5. Attracting success

6. Raising your endurance

7. Raising your determination

8. Raising your standard of work

9. Raising the caliber of your friendships

10. Raising the opulence of your life

You will need to do something to become someone. You cannot learn by just thinking in your head. You have to actualize your thoughts and put them into manifestation.

So I ask you again, are you in a position to flourish?

Are you in a position of suffering and experiencing exponential growth?

Are you surrounding yourself with wise men or women?

Are you playing a position that's moving you forward?!

Some people in your life are only there to play one position and that is to distract you. They add no value nor push you towards where you need to go. They are merely the ball that gets passed around from one player to the next.

If you want to do what other people are not willing, then you to position yourself to work 3 x harder and 2 x with more commitment.

Everyone plays the game but only a few become champions.

  1. Position yourself to flourish (find your focus)

  2. Position yourself to win (keep your chin up and don't give up)

  3. Position yourself to suffer (feel the burn)

  4. Position yourself to make all your dreams come true (ungapheli umoya)

Edited by: Kanyisa Kabane


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