The 5 am Club is a mentoring initiative by Lets fork it out to give back knowledge to its community.


The objective of the club is to teach the community lessons that are inspired by the book but are grounded by life experience. Our desire is to serve our community with information we have been fortunate to acquire.


The club runs for over 10 weeks. We have a weekly programme that has different activities depending on the day of week. The activities involves connection sessions, book reviews and sharing positive energy.


We are committed to helping students become better versions of themselves. Our goal is to help students push through their personal difficulties and help them believe in themselves.


The club is inspired by the book " The 5 am club - own your morning and elevate your life".


The club mentors 10 registered univeristy students.   


The goals of the club are the following, mentor, empower and develop students through a well thought out and guided program. New delegates are welcome by mentors. Mentors are students who have been part of the program and then were asked to help the new delegates by sharing their expereince.


The club is free of charge to students. The only payment that is required is time and patience.

" The cost of greatness is far less expensive than the soreness of regret" - 5 AM Club 

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